Lifestyle Dog Training

ABC Dog Training’s lifestyle training offers a fun, realistic and practical approach to training your dog.

We pride ourselves on our small and intimate class sizes which consist of 4 – 8 dogs, allowing us to tailor the training to suit your specific needs.

All the basic cues that are taught in our puppy classes are also available in private training sessions at your home and local park.  We can tailor a training program and techniques to suit your real life situations.

Each dog is individual, so teaching your dog the basic cues or trick behaviours will be done to suit your own situation.

We can then tailor a training plan to suit you and your dog!

Private Training

ABC Dog Training can provide private training sessions for you and your dog which are held in your home or local park.

Private training is also beneficial if your dog is displaying behavioural problems in or out of the home.

Private training also enables the ABC trainers to meet you and your dog in order to assess your dog’s lifestyle… and the suitable training methods required to attain successful results.

Private training is also very popular with clients who are waiting to join a puppy class and want to get a head start on their puppy’s training.