Puppy Pre-School

ABC Dog Training’s Puppy Pre-School comprises a series of fun classes which are specifically designed to teach your puppy basic obedience and socialise them with other pups and people in a positive environment. 

Puppy Pre-School is designed for puppies from the age of 8 weeks, once they have had their first vaccination and when they are at their most influential stage. A positive approach and positive reinforcement is essential for developing a happy and well mannered dog.

Various aspects of puppy care and training will be covered, including:
● Basic Training cues - name, sit, come, drop, bed, stay, lets go, look, leave-it
● Socialisation
● Toilet training
● Biting & mouthing
● Environmental enrichment - Toys
● Mat training & calming behaviour
● Walking techniques
● Handling & grooming
● De-sexing & microchipping
● Vaccinations, worming, flea treatment
● Nutrition
● Car travel
● Various health issues
● Minor Behaviour problems
● *Trick Training - roll over, shake hands, dance, bow, crawl
       *only available in Puppy Pre-School free time after class or private training appointments

ABC Puppy Pre-School is a 6 week course

ABC Puppy Pre-School is also available in private training in your home or local park.
A program can be tailored to suit your needs & your lifestyle